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2021 by the [Food] Numbers

If you read our holiday letter you know that there was a line about baking and eating starch and butter. This time a year ago I had great ambitions of tracking some of our more ‘fun’ food consumptions and while I didn’t do great on most of them I do have some approximate data for some of our regular items.
So if numbers, or food, are your thing here’s some of food consumption data for 2021.

Eggs ~ 3000
Milk ~ 175 gallons
Oat Milk ~ 45 gallons
Heavy Cream ~ 12 gallons (We ate A LOT of ice cream!)
Flour ~ 900 pounds combined between white and whole wheat
Butter: appx 75 pounds of butter (this one is a guess because it is too cold here today to dig in the freezer and see how much of the case is left)
Frozen Fruit ~ 250 pounds (mixed, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and peaches)
Rice ~ 100 pounds (combined brown and sushi rice)
Bananas~ 1,135 single bananas
Shredded Cheese ~ 250 pounds
Yeast ~ just shy of 10 pounds

I know that this post comes with the privilege that we are ‘food secure’. I am not trying to minimize the food shortages everyone has experienced, both at the store and in their purse.
We do not waste food, no really – we throw out VERY little food – some of you saw a batch of brownies I failed are miserably in December. That cup of sugar and cup of cocoa that got tossed was an anomaly and not the norm!
No, we are not buying a cow next. We do use a local dairy and buy milk in glass bottles.
No, we are not getting chickens (we can’t have them where we live) – BUT we do source our eggs as locally and humanely as possible.

I’m still shopping monthly as best as we can. However, even those resources are limited in some items – and I’ve been supplementing on some fresh produce mid month to help keep us eating more fresh produce.

Some of our favorite recipes have been added online:





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