A photo of a whiteboard with the words "welcome home" written on it and drawings of spring flowers

32 Days in America, Day 33?


  • Miles traveled: 547.5
  • Miles traveled to date: 6474.6
  • States visited today: 2 – Pennsylvania, New York
  • States visited to date: 19
  • Tanks of gas pumped to date: 21
  • Meltdowns: 17
  • Loads of Laundry: 26
  • Illness: 5
  • Socks lost or destroyed: 7

Daily recap

Today, we drove from Pittsburgh to home, and stopped off in Meadville, PA to eat lunch and visit with Kelsey’s extended family.


  • Lunch with Uncle Calvin, Aunt Marcia, cousin Andy, and nephew Brittan in Meadville
A photo of Ainsley wearing Kelsey's winter hat and sunglasses sitting at a table eating a hamburger and vegetables with Kelsey and Rayleigh in the background
Lunch at Uncle Calvin and Aunt Marcia’s.
  • Swimming in Calvin and Marcia’s pool
A photo of Grayson jumping off of a diving board into a pool. Dillon is in the water near the ladder.
This pool was different from the others on our trip because it had a diving board and a deep end.
  • Getting home!

Other photos from today

A photo of a box of tea, two travel mugs, an electric kettle, a hand grinder for coffee, a French press, an bag of coffee beans, and a scoop on a table in a hotel room
Kevin’s coffee setup. Heat the water in the electric kettle, grind the coffee beans in the grinder, put the ground coffee and the boiling water in the French press, stir occasionally for 4 minutes, plunge, fill travel mug (plus a little extra to drink immediately). Kelsey was drinking herbal tea which we likewise made using the electric kettle. All of this kit fit in a backpack which we would bring into the hotel with us every night.
A photo of a travel mug next to a French press full of coffee with the plunger depressed, ready to pour
The finished product.
A photo of Grayson, Dillon, Rayleigh, and Aunt Marcia sitting on chairs and testing out some hand-held bells
Music lessons with Aunt Marcia.
A photo of Uncle Calvin, Grayson, Kelsey, Ainsley, Aunt Marcia, Rayleigh, and Dillon in Calvin and Marcia's living room.
Visiting with Uncle Calvin and Aunt Marcia.
A photo of Uncle Calvin, Dillon, Rayleigh, Grayson, and Ainsley outside at a sandbox. Rayleigh is using a toy digger to scoop sand while everyone else looks on.
We were told that we had to check out Waylon’s digger, and it didn’t disappoint.

And now for your moment of zen…

A photo of Ainsley standing next to a statue of a large green frog that's nearly as tall as she is outside of an Interstate rest area
Ainsley made a friend.





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