A photo of the Woolaroc single prop airplane suspended from the ceiling in the Woolaroc museum

32 Days in America, Day 28


  • Miles traveled: 95
  • Miles traveled to date: 4777.2
  • States visited today: 1 – Oklahoma
  • States visited to date: 14
  • Tanks of gas pumped to date: 16
  • Meltdowns: 17
  • Loads of Laundry: 22
  • Illness: 4
  • Socks lost or destroyed: 5

Daily recap

Today, we went to the Woolaroc museum and nature preserve in the Osage Hills of Oklahoma, toured the museum, saw the wildlife, ate some lunch, and tried (and eventually succeeded) to take a good photo of Grayson.


  • Seeing some wildlife
A photo of a herd of bison in a field sparsely populated with trees
Woolaroc was home to a number of different types of animals, including elk, water buffalo, and this herd of bison.
  • Touring the museum
A photo of the inside of the Woolaroc museum, which includes stuffed wildlife such as wolves, longhorn cattle heads, and several displays about ranching.
The inside of the Woolaroc museum.
  • Picnic lunch
A photo of Grayson, Peter, Ainsley, Rayleigh, Myna, and Milo eating lunch in the back of Ashley's SUV
It was pretty windy, so the kids took refuge in Ashley’s car to eat lunch.
  • Petting zoo
A photo of Milo, Dillon, Peter, Grayson, and some other people standing next to the fence of an enclosure where an ostrich is standing right on the other side of the fence
“What are you guys up to?”
  • Tomahawk throwing
A photo of Dillon posing next to two tomahawks that he successfully threw and embedded into a log at the top of a log pile
Dillon was the only one with two successful throws in a row.
  • Learning about history in a teepee
A photo of Kelsey, Myna, Aveline, Ashley, Peter, and Kevin sitting inside of a teepee
Sitting inside of a teepee learning about the golden years of trapping from 1822-1847.

Other photos from today

A photo of Kelsey showing Grayson some bones in a display case in a museum
Kelsey showing Grayson how big a woolly mammoth’s tooth is (answer: as big as his head!)
A photo of Grayson in front of a stuffed brown bear in a museum. Grayson is trying to make the same growling face as the bear.
Which one is the bear, and which one is Grayson? I can’t tell!
Grayson sitting on a chair that is partially made out of horns from longhorn cattle
Grayson found a throne of bone.
Grayson touching a woolly mammoth skull
A woolly mammoth’s head is approximately Grayson-sized.
A photo of Kelsey standing next to a statue of Belle Starr, who is wearing a wide brimmed hat and pointing a long gun
Kelsey hanging out with a shady character.
A photo of Kevin giving Grayson a piggyback ride through the parking lot
Dad’s transportation service is useful when little legs get tired.
A photo of Rayleigh holding baby Aveline, who is wearing a hat with a pom pom on it, in a parking lot by a car
Rayleigh got to practice her babysitting skills by helping to take care of baby Aveline.
A photo of Rayleigh sitting on top of some playground equipment made to look like a teepee
Instead of King of the Hill, it’s Queen of the Teepee?
A photo of bison poop with Grayson's shoe next to it. They are roughly the same size.
Bison poop. Grayson’s shoe for scale.
A photo of a zebra in an enclosure
Yep, Woolaroc even had zebra.
A photo of some llamas in an enclosure
These llamas had a stream that ran through their area.
A photo of Myna, Dillon, Milo, Rayleigh, Peter, Ainsley, and Grayson playing Apples to Apples at the kitchen table
Game time.

And now for your moment of zen…

A photo of Grayson in a hat doing duck lips
Duck lips.
A photo of Grayson in a hat doing duck lips with his hands on his hips
Duck lips with hands on hips.
A photo of Grayson in a hat trying not to smile with his hands on his hips
Hands on hips, trying not to smile.
A photo of Grayson in a hat doing duck lips with hands on hips
Thoughtful duck lips?
A photo of Grayson in a hat sticking his tongue out as far as he can
Hands on hips, tongue out.
A photo of Grayson in a hat with his head cocked to the side sticking out his tongue
Head cocked, tongue out, hands on hips.
A photo of Grayson in a hat smiling and laughing
Finally, a good one.





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