A photo of a homemade sign tacked to a wall that says "Welcome to O.K., Forresters"

32 Days in America, Day 27


  • Miles traveled: 11.8
  • Miles traveled to date: 4682.2
  • States visited today: 1 – Oklahoma
  • States visited to date: 14
  • Tanks of gas pumped to date: 15
  • Meltdowns: 15
  • Loads of Laundry: 21
  • Illness: 4
  • Socks lost or destroyed: 5

Daily recap

Today, we relocated to the Bontornos’ house, where Kevin worked while Kelsey, Ashley, and the eight kids explored a park, flew kites, and found a big sundial, then came back to play board games and eat dinner, which ended with some homemade pie courtesy of Kelsey’s baking skills.


  • Flying kites
A photo of Peter, Rayleigh, and Myna flying kites
It turns out that the top of the playground equipment is the best place to fly a kite.
  • Finding a big sundial
A photo of Grayson standing on a sundial in a grassy field. By standing on the part of the sundial with the current month printed on it, the sun casts the person's shadow to the correct time, which in this photo is about 4:30pm
Grayson found this cool sundial where you stand on the current month and your shadow points to the current time.
  • Board games
A photo of Dillon, Rayleigh, Ainsley, Peter, and Myna playing a game on a carpeted floor
Board games with the Bontornos!
  • Pie
A photo of a pumpkin pie and a chocolate pie cooling on the counter
Of course, Kelsey baked pies for dessert.





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