A photo of Kevin's aunt Mary and Jim with their children and grandchildren with Kelsey and Kevin's family

32 Days in America, Day 25


  • Miles traveled: 148.5
  • Miles traveled to date: 4606.5
  • States visited today: 2 – Arkansas, Oklahoma
  • States visited to date: 14
  • Tanks of gas pumped to date: 15
  • Meltdowns: 15
  • Loads of Laundry: 20
  • Illness: 4
  • Socks lost or destroyed: 5

Daily recap

Today, we visited Kevin’s aunt, uncle, and cousins in Broken Arrow, unloaded and cleaned out the van, and relocated to a friend’s house in Owasso for dinner and bedtime.


  • Playing on a playground with cousins
A photo of Kevin's cousin Tim spinning a piece of playground equipment with his daughters Hailey and Harper as well as Grayson, Ainsley, and Dillon on it, while Rayleigh climbs another playground structure in the background
  • Playing at Aunt Mary’s house with cousins
A photo of Hailey, Harper, Grayson, and Ainsley playing with toys indoors
Paying with toys at Aunt Mary/Grandma’s house.
  • Arriving at Mandy and Kirk’s place and reuniting with friends we haven’t seen in a year and a half
A photo of Oliver, Dillon, Rayleigh, Ainsley, Grayson, Kate, Nora, Peter, and Molly sitting on a trampoline. Grayson is bouncing and is midair in the photo.
All of the Forrester and Wendell kids took a (short) break from playing together for this photo.
  • Zip line!
A photo of Grayson going down a zip line in a hat and jacket with other kids and adults in the background
Grayson wasn’t too sure about the zip line at first, but after his first run, kept going back for more.
  • Trampoline!
A photo of Grayson, Peter, Ainsley, Dillon, Nora, and Oliver jumping on a trampoline
Our kids loved jumping on the trampoline and playing “popcorn” with a kid in the middle.
  • Cows!
A photo of a cow behind a gate
  • Nature!
A photo of Peter, Ainsley, Nora, Oliver, and Dillon standing on a mossy rock by some standing water and trees
Woodland explorers.
  • Art!
A photo of Kate, Molly, and Rayleigh coloring at the kitchen table
After playing outside, the older girls took up drawing at the kitchen table.
  • Pizza!
A photo of Grayson, Ainsley, Peter, and Nora eating pizza on a trampoline
Pizza time!
  • A clean (ish) car!
A photo of the van with doors open, unloaded and cleaned up
I wouldn’t go so far as to say the van is “clean,” but it is certainly less dirty. We took all of the stuff out of it so we could vacuum it and re-pack for the final leg of our journey.
  • Cards!
A photo of Kelsey laughing while playing cribbage
Mandy taught Kelsey how to play cribbage.

Other photos from today

A photo of Kelsey and Mandy smiling for the camera
After video chatting just about every day for a year and a half, Kelsey and Mandy were reunited in person.
A photo of Rayleigh and her friend Kate smiling at the camera
Rayleigh and Kate have kept up a long-distance correspondence for the last year and a half and were thrilled to be reunited.
A photo of Dillon and Molly smiling for the camera
What a pair Molly and Dillon make.
A photo of Ainsley and Nora smiling at the camera
Ainsley had an age-mate in Nora.
A photo of Molly, Kirk, Kevin, and Kelsey standing around and talking outside
Catching up.
A photo of Ainsley, Dillon, Nora, Peter, and Oliver on a stack of hay bales
Haaaay, giiiirl.
A photo of Ainsley in hat and coat showing part of a beehive she found on a walk
Is that part of a hive? You’d better bee-lieve it.

And now for your moment of zen…

A photo of Kelsey riding a zip line
Kelsey channeling her inner child.





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