A photo of Dillon, Rayleigh, Niala, Grayson, Ainsley, Kahlan, and Riker standing by a fence overlooking the Gulf of Mexico with piers in the background

32 Days in America, Day 20


  • Miles traveled: 35
  • Miles traveled to date: 3563.1
  • States visited today: 1 – Florida
  • States visited to date: 10
  • Tanks of gas pumped to date: 12
  • Meltdowns: 14
  • Loads of Laundry: 16
  • Illness: 4

Daily recap

Today, Kelsey took the kids to the beach with her cousin Kim and her family while Kevin worked from the hotel.


  • Making sand castles
A photo of Grayson digging in the sand next to the water's edge
Making sand castles in the white sand beaches of Pensacola, FL.
  • Boogie boarding
A photo of Dillon riding a wave in to shore on a boogie board
Dillon dusted off his boogie boarding skills.
  • Jumping waves
A photo of Ainsley on a boogie board and Grayson and Kahlan jumping in the waves
Grayson got pretty brave and went out to jump the waves.
  • Eating ice cream
A photo of Grayson with his eyes half open and his mouth covered with melted chocolate ice cream
Mmm, chocolate…
  • Visiting with cousins
A photo of Grayson, Dillon, Rayleigh, Niala, Ainsley, Riker, and Kahlan standing on top of a concrete barrier near a gas station
Grayson, Dillon, Rayleigh, Niala, Ainsley, Riker, and Kahlan getting ready to drop the hottest album of 2023.

Other photos from today

A photo of Kahlan and Ainsley sitting on the beach with a pier in the background
Kahlan imparting some wisdom to Ainsley (probably).
A photo of Kelsey in sunglasses sitting on the beach with a water tower in the background painted to look like a beach ball
Even the water tower is embracing beach life.
A photo of Ainsley digging in the sand
Beginning excavation.
A photo of Kim, Kahlan, and Karen sitting on the beach
Three generations: Kelsey’s cousin Kim, her daughter Kahlan, and Kelsey’s aunt Karen.

And now for your moment of zen…

A photo of a sign that says "Coffee and eye guy: underground. Drive thru eye exams"
Apparently, Florida is expanding access to healthcare by letting you get an eye exam and a coffee at the same time in the drive thru!





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