Month: February 2021

  • And then sometimes…

    And then sometimes…

    I wanted to take a minute to share with you a quick story from “behind the scenes” on the antics that show up in the blog. I recently showed you all how we go about planning our menu and meals. Usually, 90% or so of the meals are tried and true staples. Much of our […]

  • What’s Cookin’?

    What’s Cookin’?

    We meal plan. We plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and usually desserts and snacks too). With a few exceptions we six eat all our meals together at the table, and have for nearly 5 years- when Kevin transitioned to working from home full time. Pre-pandemic – I would sit down with our calendar and plan […]

  • But first, we clean

    But first, we clean

    We like to play. We love to explore and adventure. We don’t like to mop floors or scrub showers. To be able to do all the fun things we first have to get through the list of ‘must do’ things. Our kids don’t have a daily/weekly chore list, and they don’t get an allowance. The […]