Firewood for Winter

Joyous Equinox, everyone! Today is the first day of Autumn, and the weather here has started to turn cold. Our preparations for winter are well under way.

Our house has a wood burning insert in the fireplace, which is optimized for producing heat while minimizing the amount of warm air from our house that goes up the chimney and out into the world. When we have a good fire going, with the glass fireplace doors shut, we can turn on the fireplace fans that circulate air from our house across heat exchangers and back into the living room.

We moved into this house in December, so we never had a full year’s worth of burning wood last year. Despite that, we still went through almost three cords of wood. So, this year, we bought four, which will hopefully last us until the days are warm again.

Our house has an oil furnace that we use when the temperature is so cold that the fire can’t keep up, or for when we are traveling and aren’t here to tend to the fire. We try to heat the house with the fire most days, to cut down on oil usage.

Two cords of firewood being dumped out of a dump trailer behind a pickup truck into the yard next to where the wood is to be stacked.
The first delivery. This is two cords – half of what we ordered.

We were partway through stacking the first two cords of wood, and we thought we were doing pretty well, and then the second load arrived!

A photo of the second load of wood immediately after delivery, with the first load of wood in the background, and some stacked wood off to the side.
It looked like we were making great progress until the second load of wood arrived.
Kelsey standing on top of a pile of unstacked wood with her hands over her head.
Queen of the wood pile!

Kelsey was out doing her Olympic Triathlon the day after the wood was delivered, and Tom and Beth and the boys were visiting, so they helped us stack the last two cords.

Grayson posing in front of four cords of stacked firewood.
All done!