Catch a Fish, Release a Fish

My parents recently visited, and our kids were very excited to go fishing with Pop-Pop.

Pop-Pop helping Dillon get bait and a hook on his fishing line.
Pop-Pop brought all kinds of bait to try.

Ainsley caught a fish as big as her head!

Ainsley holding a fish that she caught with some help from Pop-Pop.
Ainsley was proud of her first catch.

Grayson did a lot of casting and reeling, but didn’t actually catch anything.

Grayson fishing off of the dock.
Maybe next time, buddy.

Dillon had better luck, though.

Dillon standing on the dock holding a fish that he caught.
Determination and a little luck paid off.

Dillon was so interested in fishing that he got up at 6am to go with Pop-Pop on the kayak in search of a good spot on the other side of the island.

Dillon posing for a photo from the front seat of the tandem kayak.
He didn’t catch anything, but he did have a great time.

Rayleigh wasn’t as interested in fishing this trip—she spent most of her time giving Pop-Pop a run for his money at Yahtzee!