The Great Garage Swap

Yesterday, we did what we call The Great Garage Swap, which is where we unload all of our winter gear from the storage shed (nicknamed “the barn”), load it back up with all of our summer stuff (bikes, scooters, etc) and then get all of our winter gear organized in the garage.

A photograph of the inside of our storage shed containing our winter gear, including skis, snowboards, the snowblower, a generator, sleds, and several tubs.
All of our winter gear in the storage shed.

We were under a tight timeline, because wind and rain were coming at around 2pm, so we needed to get everything completely switched before the weather turned.

A photo of Rayleigh and Dillon posing outside of the storage shed with several items laying outside, including bar stools and a stroller.
The kids helped to unload all of the winter gear out of the shed, and load it back up with the summer stuff.

We made it, but just barely—we got inside just in time for the rain to start.

Grayson posing outside of the shed, now full of summer stuff.
Grayson was so excited about going skiing that I couldn’t get him to look at the camera to pose in front of the shed after we had fully loaded it with summer stuff.

We also took down the monkey swing and tire swing, stowed the slides and sand/water table, moved the rocking chairs to the back porch, and otherwise prepared the outside of the house for winter. All that’s left outside now is our fire pit and our Adirondack chairs, because who doesn’t enjoy a mid-winter campfire?