See You Later, Dock

We have a floating dock that is made from the bottom of a pontoon boat. A few weeks ago, in preparation for winter, we disconnected the gangway, loaded it on top of the floating dock, hooked up an electric trolling motor, and all hopped on the boat for a lazy ride upriver to the boat launch so we could take it out of the water for the season. I had intended to write a post about it at the time, but we’ve been pretty busy, so it fell by the wayside until now.

Kelsey attaching the trailer to our van.
Hooking up the trailer to our van for the first time. Thankfully, everything worked fine on the first go!
Kelsey and the kids on the floating dock just after it was detached from shore.
Getting ready to set sail. We loaded the gangway onto the floating dock so we could store it for the season.
Kelsey and the kids eating snacks on the floating dock while Rayleigh steers the motor.
Snack time! We brought snacks and drinks to help pass the time while we slowly motored our way upriver. The total distance was about 2.5 miles.
Kelsey supporting Grayson while he steers the motor on the floating dock.
Captain Grayson, steering the boat.
Kelsey helping Ainsley as she steers the motor on the floating dock.
Captain Ainsley, plotting a course.
Kelsey and Rayleigh navigating the floating dock toward the trailer at the boat launch while the other kids look on from shore.
Kelsey and Rayleigh pulled the dock around to line it up with the trailer so we could haul it out of the water at the boat launch up the road.